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Short wallet-V-A1114F

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The Men’s Short Paragraph Wallet from Videng Polo is for the man who likes to exude brilliance in everything they carry. Made from first layer of cowhide leather, the wallet has a plain texture on the upper layer water chestnut edge which adds an abundance of spark to its neat structure. The high quality cowhide leather used for constructing this wallet goes through a unique process which ensures that it is able to retain the smooth, silky texture of leather which not only adds up to the looks of the wallet but also makes it easy to use and carry.

The paragraph wallet features one large compartment for carrying bills, six card slots and a photo bit which you can use to carry photograph or IDs. The unique T-ear layout on the inside and logo created through Italian cold pressing technology, makes the wallet look unique and attractive. To offer an enhanced level of security to all your belongings, apart from its tough leather built, the wallet features nylon stitching and polyester linings to ensure that none of the external elements are able to damage your belongings.

The Short Paragraph Wallet is waterproof and can be used on a daily basis throughout the year, no matter what the climatic conditions are. It is easy to clean, light in weight and its sleek build will allow it to sit perfectly in your back and side pockets. Available in three different colors- black, brown and blue, the wallet measures 116 x 17 x 92mm.

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