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The orders we receive from our customers are come along with a money refund policy. You can ask a refund in two cases: 

a) If you place an order and the package does not reach the delivery address in the time-frame we mention on our website ( there are different timings for FedEx and Airmail delivery ) or does not reach at all or if the package contains different items from what you ordered. 

b) If you are unhappy about how our product worked for you 

In the first case you have to contact us and we can reship order or refund your money. 

In the second case, please contact us within the first 30 days and ask for a refund. We will refund the money on your CC but we will deduct a $10.00 stocking fee and the shipping price.

Refund for Cancellation

If you want to cancel the order, you will have to contact our customer care and inform them about the cancellation alongwith the reason for the same. If the reason is found to be genuine then cancellation of your order will be approved and refund will be provided to you. 

If the order has been shipped then the request for the cancellation of the order  will be canceled       


Walletsandshoes.com has a transparent returns policy. If we have sent you an incorrect or damaged product, then we will accept the returned shipment and arrange for a replacement immediately. 

However, if the customer has placed an order incorrectly, then we may accept or reject the shipment at our sole discretion. Return charges if any are to be borne by the customer.